How Do I Convince My Dad To Let Me Join Muay Thai?

My friend gave me a 1 month voucher for a Mixed Martial Arts Club as a Christmas present and it’s got a couple weeks until it expires now.
But when it finishes my dad doesn’t want to pay for my lessons. It’s not the fact that he thinks it’s a danger to my health or what not, it’s because he thinks it’s too far away.
He seems to think that because it’s too far away that he can’t pay for it, even though I’ve been going there for half a month, and no complaints about coming home late.
I have to walk 2kms to the train station, or catch a bus there, from the station I catch a train which takes around 20-30 minutes, then I take a 2 minute tram to my MMA club.
It’s not too far in my opinion, also that now the school holidays are finished, I go strait to my friends house to study and finish homework and then head to training from there, then I can head strait home and have dinner.
I hope that’s enough information there, so please help me find a way to convince my dad to pay for my Muay Thai classes after my 1 month is up!

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3 Responses to “How Do I Convince My Dad To Let Me Join Muay Thai?”

  1. sennachi says:

    firstly. is there anywhere closer to home your dad may not object to?. secondly try selling the benefits of training.

  2. Donald says:

    I’m a dad whose son does martial arts. And where he trains is about 30 minutes from our home–not quite as time-consuming as yours, but still it’s not around the corner.
    If his concern is the time, the persuasive argument is: “Look. I’ve kept my grades up. I’m good at scheduling my time, and as you can see I’ve proven myself during the past month. I can handle the transportation and do well with my homework. If my grades start slipping or I’m too tired in the morning from practice the evening before, I promise I’ll stop the classes or find something closer to home. But I think I’ve proven that I’m responsible and can handle this.”
    Hope that helps.

  3. Faheem says:

    get beaten up at school or pretend to get mugged and use the excuse to say that you need to learn self defence. LOL!

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