How do i cut my shopping bill? Where can i see the deals that Iceland has on offer?

I have taken the reins of the shopping from my wife to try and reduce the shopping bill. I cant see the Iceland deals anywhere online. Do they exist online?

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6 Responses to “How do i cut my shopping bill? Where can i see the deals that Iceland has on offer?”

  1. Anchor Cranker says:

    Stop buying branded goods. The supermarkets own stuff is usually just as good and they are often produced by the same people who make the branded goods.

  2. forty licks says:

    divorce the mrs,,,,:)

  3. GOD J says:

    check the internet site

  4. Leonized says:

    Try going to Iceland… They usually have leaflet/booklet things inside the doorway with the special offers on.

    I go to iceland and they do have good deals… 3 for 2 and all that, you’ll leave Iceland with alot more food and for less money than Tesco’s or other big supermarkets.

    I go in there, fill the trolley and it never comes to more than £35-£40 and that fills my freezer and half of my chest freezer!

    Why isn’t there a ‘that’s why dad’s go to Iceland’ advert? Sexist bast*rds!!

  5. JESSIE.BLUE says:


  6. eddie j says:

    try farm foods or lidl’s aldi some stuff is c r ap but some is very good 4 pizzas for the price of 2 =75p and there the best i’ve ever tasted, better than some £24.99 takeaway pizza places

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