How do I deal with abusive Chav neighbours without decending to the level?

How do I deal with chavvy type neighbours who have no respect for anybody or property and they’re only answer to a polite request is physical violence? (what do all chav’s go round in groups and seem to stare vacantly all the time?) Help please as I am going mad because thay don’t seem to have any form of reasoning/understanding for anything unless it comes from McD or JJB?

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5 Responses to “How do I deal with abusive Chav neighbours without decending to the level?”

  1. Part Time Cynic says:

    Get yourself a big dog and train it to lose it with chavs.

  2. zara958 says:

    argh, that would be a nightmare scenario. i really don’t know 🙁 just stick by your guns. don’t be rude to them, try and be a cool and polite as you can with them. try to get somewhat friendly with them and they might start to repect you and your property more… does sound like a tough one. bloody chavs. i hate people who have no repect for theirs or anybody else’s propertys

  3. ((LOON)) says:

    Complete W**k**s get the hell away from the crap!! I had trouble with neighbours prior to here and since moving i’m now living in sheer bliss 🙂
    No complaints what so ever…

  4. Jersum says:

    What in particular is bothering you?
    And the best bet is to call the police if they start damaging property.

  5. Acai says:

    I know how you feel, its a nightmare. I have chav families on both sides, been that way for 7 years. Its crazy because they’re the only ones in the street and both either side of me, the whole rest of the street is ok! Cars revving, music, nigth love noises (she screams really loud) stamping about slamming every door they pass, and the stares….yes.
    Im moving in a couple weeks and have old ladies on either side of new house. Hope they dont use hearing aids! (loud tvs)

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