How do i deal with butterflys around my girlfriend?

I’m really terrible with dealing with sickness etc. this kind of thing, and i really don’t want to end up breaking up with her because of it. How can i deal with it and is it worth seeing someone about it? I have recently encountered a similar problem with visiting a friend in Sweden and i eventually got over it, so it may only be a matter of time, however when i do get the nervous feeling its very overwhelming (for me, as i say i am terrible when it comes to dealing with this type of problem)
Its a long distance relationship.

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One Response to “How do i deal with butterflys around my girlfriend?”

  1. Nancy says:

    I think if it is a long distsnce relationship, then sickness shouldn’t be that much of an issue. But, since it is, I would force myself to learn to deal with it. Sickness is everywhere and you will never be able to avoid i completely. I would suggest that you volunteer in a hospital or at a nursing home to get used to dealing with it. It may not be near as bad as you think, if it is not someone you know. This way, you can learn to not let it bother you, and you will be helping others that may need a visitor. Nursing homes usually are easier to volunteer in, and there are people there that sometimes don’t get any visitors and they would be grateful for someone to talk to.

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