How do I deal with insults from girls when proposing to them?

Some girls seem to be rude when a guy approach them. I want a way of dealing with such situations when a girl I like speaks to me curtly and rudely by casting unkind look at me. I really want to be equipped to win such girl.

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  1. Chris H says:

    Shrug it off, it’s their problem. Be an adult, say "ah well, sorry to have bothered you" and walk away.

  2. Riffle Bunny says:

    well, why don’t you go after nice girls instead of the rude ones ?

  3. Skeleton with rootbeers. says:

    What other said, go for nicer one.

    If you insist, then you have few approaches after girl(s) rejected you,
    Use funny or equally rude line
    "Ok, fine. Whichever make your purse float.", "What crawl up in your *censored* and died?", "Fine, I get it. You like rainbow", "Just one day…Just one day…" while shaking your head at them, "Once again, I’m off flying like a Quiddich…", "Wonderful, another boring girl. So much for adventure.", "Is that yes?" repeat the question after girl said no, "So long, suckers!", "FALCON PUNCH!", "Yes?" and repeat after girl keep saying no, etc etc.

    use polite line
    "Alright, then. Next time, I guess.", "Ok, fine.", "Ditto", etc etc

    use trick or make them guilty or something like that
    "Ok, fine. I guess I will just tell -insert girl’s friend’s name- that you’re not coming. Bye."
    Pull Bug Bunny trick. Like this:
    "You will accept my proposal?"
    "No, I will not!"
    -repeat for several times-
    "Great, see you then" or "Great, glad you agreed with my proposal."

  4. Third Formula says:

    The only way you’ll win is when you first see the red flag, you should ignore her and move on.

  5. breach98 says:

    There is no legal way to deal with such rejection. Just give them that blank look of amazement and walk away. There are many other females you can be with.

  6. Neo says:

    Don’t waste your time on those types.

  7. JOHN says:

    The best method of dealing with rude rejections I ever saw was a bloke who simply said

    "A simple no thank you would have been sufficient,"

    then smiled and walked away – he left her standing there feeling 2 inches tall.

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