how do i deal with this teacher?!?

ok so i have this teacher and he slags the sh*t outta everyone and im afraid to put my hand up cuz if you get something wrong he slags and embarrases you infront of the class thinking hes all funny and stuff! he slags me about never putting up my hand so im even more afraid to put my hand up cuz hell make a comment on it!! im really intimidated by him please tell me what to do and how to deal with this teacher!?

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  1. Sugar says:

    i had to go through that once. You should know that your teacher is a bully. THIS IS SOMETHING SERIOUS. There are many other ways to deal with students and he goes about it the wrong way.
    There are several ways you can deal with this:

    1.To meet him after class and tell him that you are not comfortable with the way he goes about things. tell him that he intimidates you and as a result you are unable to be at ease in class, which in fact is the reason you do not raise your hand in class. This destroys any chances of learning. If he persists, just tell the Principal.

    2. just be bold enough and raise your hand if you know the answer. If he makes a bad comment, just ask him straight up… if what he had just said is really educative and respectful to students. ask him what he wants you to learn from that comment.
    if he answers back rudely, don’t mind. Just tell him after class that you feel like he is a bully.Be bold.

    3. The last and best way to deal with it is not to care what he says. Ignore him. Do not tolerate him either. Have a stone face in his class. Make sure you study hard and pass the tests. He will respect you anyway.

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