How do I deal with work colleagues and a manager from hell?

The people I work with and my managers make life at work unbearable. What can I do to handle them? Are there any books around that deal with how to handle the boss from hell? Should I try or just look for another job?

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  1. Stuart W says:

    First of all take a long hard look at yourself! Is it really everybody else that is causing you grief or are you partly to blame. Once you have worked this out, try & think what you can do to resolve a few issues. Is there anyone you work with that you can discuss this with? Are you just young or new to your job? You tend to get a bit of stick at the beginning of any job, until people are comfortable with you. If you want to read a good book I would suggest one on positivity! Noel Edmonds new book "Positively Happy" was surprisingly helpful. If you really can’t deal with your work colleagues find another job, but don’t burn your bridges! You may need a reference! Good luck!!! Here’s to a happier 2007!!!

  2. Mike A says:

    If it’s more than one person (colleagues and a manager) you might want to consider moving companies if your sure that "your" not this issue vs them.

  3. gymnastics babe<3 says:

    it really depends on how its going for you i would just be as sweet as i can but when it comes down to it quit if its that bad good luck:)

  4. wade w says:

    be so nice to them that they can’t help but like you, but no ass kissing, just be nice.

  5. button moon says:

    same happened to me before xmas and although not an ideal time of year i told them to stuff it! money isnt everything to me, happiness is though

  6. tim l says:

    Ask them for one day where you can be them,switch positions.Then act like them,then they will know what they sound like.

  7. Lizard says:

    Do they know? Have you brought this to anyone attention? Is there a HR department could they help? Or your managers manager to talk to? Assertiveness helps and think carefully about what you say and life is too short so start looking for another job!

  8. asiamima says:

    My experience is that every job has those work places with managers from hell and collegues that enjoy your misery. I wouldnt suggest that you leave your job, but if you have a higher manager I would suggest just speaking to them for their view on a resolution. If you still are not satisfied stick with the collegues who do not make you feel that way. Or as in the school days ignore them and just do what you have to do in order to maintain your job. If none of these work and you feel you cannot deal with the stress maybe they can transfer you to another area or building.

  9. FuschiaHoneyxx says:

    It depends on the type of company you work for. I’ve had hellish bosses in the past & I’m sorry to say that standing up to them only made the situation escalate. My advice if you enjoy the actual job is to work hard & keep your head down; don’t complain about unfair treatment. If you have more integrity than that, I would speak to your Human Resources department or search for a different job. Your situation is tough. Remember you are better than those who bully others!

  10. says:

    Thats awful poor you. Is there a higher autority you can approach about this. If not and you are really feelind victimised ring the citizins advice and they will advise you on how best to deal with the situation. In the mean time hold your head up go in and do your work and ignore them.

  11. laurateaze says:

    keep a diary of all the incidents that are abusive with times and details of who was there just in case you ever feel you want to make a complaint. Sometimes it is hard to realise that you are actually being bullied until you start logging it but harassment can be juts the slow wearing away of your confidence. Psychological bullying is rife – they do it just because they can. If you eventually feel that the harassment is of a serious prolonged nature then take it to your union rep or personnel department and explain that you have a log of all the incidents.

  12. NIKI D says:

    It may well be time for you to look for another job, but in the meantime and this is a little like reverse psychology as i have done this myself and it can change things right around. When you are on your way in to work think about things that have made you giggle or proud, whatever lifts you up, and be pleasant and smile more, and come across that all these things that make it unbearable for you goes right over your head, because the more polite and smiley you are the more your colleagues will feel ashamed and bad about how they behave to you. It takes a little time and lot of patience but just have this little secret going on in your mind that you will in time kill them with kindness, it does work just remember to keep proud, and keep happy and always remember they are lucky to have you working there, being so cheerful and polite. Good luck and i wish you well

  13. laydeeheartless says:

    I totally know how you feel bcos i am going through that same problem and would like to find out my rights as an employee as my manager treats us all unfairly. Don’t give up and leave your job justbcos of your manager. Ring up ur HR and find out your rights and what can be done to deal with this sort of issue. Goodluck

  14. Denise B says:

    The problem is you have not said how they are making your life hell. If it is all of them then i would just look for another job.

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