How do i find my clients as a media sales person?

I am looking for a job in Media Sales and during an interview, i was asked "how do i find my clients before intaracting with them" I said by researching online. but the interviewer wasn’t impress. please help me by giving me more info about media sales, i have developed a great passion for media sales and want to find my way in. Thanks.

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  1. Steve B says:

    ASSUMING that ‘Media Sales’ is a fancy name for selling advertising space …

    FIRST you contact your EXISTING customers 9even if they only placed one ad 5 years ago) you look for NEW customers …

    To find new customers :-
    FIRST know your medium .. let’s assume you are selling Magazine space (plainly if you are selling TV or Radio or Local /national Newspaper or etc etc it’s all different).

    Next know your own SPECIFIC customer demographic .. if your Magazine is ‘House & Home’ it’s a VERY DIFFERENT type of customer to (say) ‘Motor Sports Monthly’ or ‘Hiking Weekly’ …

    Once you know your medium and customer base you can start to think about WHO might be interested in advertising in that media … so, B&Q might advertise in House & Home, Honda in Motor Sports & JJB Sports in Hiking …. so you contact the TYPE of business that MIGHT be interested in reaching the people who buy your Magazine …

    One place to look for new customers is IN THE PAGES OF RIVAL MAGAZINES (plainly they are interested in advertising, all you have to do is convince them your mag. can offer a better deal)

    If you are a local newspaper, you contact local businesses = these can be found, eg in Thompson Local (directory) etc.

  2. Kristin Hovde says:

    It sounds like they were referring to social media. Social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will allow you to meet tons of other professionals and possible customers before meeting with them face-to-face.

  3. Steve says:

    This would take knowledge of the industry. Who are most of their clients and where can you find more of them? Getting a trade show list is always helpful. Or knowing what websites have lists of them. You just need a little more thorough answer. Sales leads are sometimes hard to find.

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