how do i find someone cheap to fit a car alarm for me?

i was told i could fit it myself, but have no clues, niether does my hubby. its a two way car alarm, this one:

i live in edinburgh, can anyone tell me, how i can find someone to fit this for me (without remote engine start)? if i need to check on the yellow page, under what section do i look in?

thanks to all helpfull answers in advance.

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3 Responses to “how do i find someone cheap to fit a car alarm for me?”

  1. rollacoasta says:

    flash your best smile? har har. I’d ring around mechanics – try the mechanics section of YP – you can go onto – quick and easy. You could ask your friends aswell, they’re not that difficult to fit, and if someone has done it in their own car they might be willing to trade a fitting for a pint? Good luck 🙂

  2. ccgriffin1972 says:

    Most auto stereo shops can (will) do this for a small fee.

    Look for
    auto stereo shops
    custom shops
    auto electronic repairmen

  3. cja says:

    Halfords will sort it, there reasonable to : )

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