How do i get a NHS optical voucher?

Hello, i’m 16 years old in full time education, and i am due for an eye test. I normally get glasses but because i am fed up of wearing them, i want to change to contact lenses. But i read somewhere that i would have to pay money to get daily ones or monthly ones. I don’t know yet if i can even get contact lenses. To help with the cost of the contact lenses, i can go on nhs and they will pay an optical voucher towards it. How do i get this?


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  1. hippo37 says:

    The optician should help you with teh forms but it is likely your parents will have to sign to say you aer in full time education.

    The value of the vouchers you get depends on your perscription. They are supposed to cover the basic cost of a pair of glasses for someone of your perscription adn you are hten allowed to add money to them to get better glasses if you want. Now you can use the vouchers to get contacts, however contacts are disposable so its not much use as you only get the vouchers every 2 years unless your perscription changes. You need a pair of glasses as backup anyway . If you intend getting contacts then it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money for glasses so a pair which the NHS vouchers cover should be fine.

    Contacts need a seperate fitting which has to be paid for. The NHS won’t pay for that they will only pay for the normal eyesight test. You need to discuss the costs with your parents if you want contacts. They are wonderful but not cheap.

  2. Lisa says:

    I thought if you were under 18 in full time education you got them automatically? If not, you need to get a form from your doctor or optician to apply for an HC1 or HC2 certificate – fill it in, post it back and they will write back to you in a week or two with either an HC1 or HC2 NHS certificate. (Both entitle you to an optical voucher but the values are different.) Show this certificate at your next eye appointment and the cost should be deducted from your order automatically.

  3. Laila says:

    Type in HC1 form into google and it’s enable you to find and order some NHS application forms to help with health care costs. I’m at university and recently got my certificate which includes free eye care. Unfortunately the NHS do not pay for contact lenses as they deem them as luxuries. Unless you have an eye condition/illness, which requires you to wear lenses, then it’s unlikely you’ll get lenses because you fancy a change from glasses. If you are interested in wearing lenses though, visit all the opticians where you are and see what their prices are.

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