how do i get a record deal?

when i am 16 i want to go to college to study song writing, i am hoping to become a singer/songwriter.
i am learning to play guitar at the moment. how would i find an agent and how would i get a record deal. please help 🙂

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  1. The Blind Smile says:

    First, you need to have OPTIMAL talent. Not just good, but optimal. Be the best you can possibly be.

    Next, you need support from your parents. If you wanted a record deal at this age, you’d need parental consent to do anything.

    Then, we get to submitting demos. Demos are a source for A&R representatives to find good new acts to sign that will possibly do well.
    What’s an Artist & Repertoire representative?
    They are the people who are responsible for signing talent and oversee the creative and artistic actions of the company. They’re mostly younger people who look for acts that will sell and keep in touch with pop culture and what kinds of things are trending. The executives sign artists to the company.

    When you go out to look for someone to sign you, and assuming you want to be a popular act, play the part. Look fresh, unique, but in style and hip at the same time. No one wants a boring person representing a company. Be unique in character and be sellable. That’s what they’re looking for. A person that would sell nicely in the music industry.

  2. Joshua says:

    Why not try making a youtube account and singing on it. Allot of people get noticed on the internet nowadays I would give it a try 🙂

  3. Rachel Portman says:

    Get singing lessons. Be in the school choir. Do anything that helps you become a better singer. Then get some of your CDs you have and look at the back of them and they will have record labels on them and then look them up. And audition.

  4. III Shevchenko III says:

    well first you need to be a good singer, i don’t mean you have to be amazing but to have some talent and alot of practice. Second, song writing may come naturally to some people and not for others, having a musical mind will help but that categorizes into talent so you either have it or you don’t.

    Since their many many other people who want the same dream as you; some may well be more talented and well trained than you are so if you want to go into the music business; You have to be the best of the best and believe you’re the best. you know what i’m saying. A record dealer will not be interested if you are not that good. you’re not even 16 so please focus more on school for now because just like millions of other people who carry the same dream and only a few are successful.

    so please just get some singing lessons and build you skills when you know you’re ready. though if you are a very talented song writer, you would have a much higher chance getting there. so overall what i’m trying to say is; in the music business, the demand for singers is extremely low and the skills required is extremely high.

    now for the actual question you asked, their are many ways you can get discovered. Youtube, record deal websites, tv talent competitions etc…

    not trying to bring you down, but you can’t just not work hard for it and expect some record dealer to come find you. You really have to give it all you got and show that you have potential.

    good luck and the very best

  5. Leon R says:

    Write songs..lots and lots of songs. You need to find your voice. I know it sounds cheesy but your style vocally and lyrically will only come after you write lots of songs. Post your stuff on youtube so you can get honest feedback. This is important as friends and family will always tell you you’re great. Do you really need an agent? Ask yourself what you want an agent will do for you, most of the time the answer is stuff you can easily do yourself. Getting a record deal should not be your goal to start with. Make your goal to write great songs that you are very happy with and want to share with people. Once you have this then make demos and send them to labels who accept unsolicited material (accept demos) Make sure you copyright everything before you send it to other people, there are lots of google pages showing how. It will be very hard but stick with it.

    If you ever need advice contact me on my website

    Good luck


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