How Do I Get Free Music On Iphone?

So, I have no vouchers for iTunes, but I need some songs? Does anyone know how to get free songs, if you do can you answer asap, with details.
Thanks! 🙂

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6 Responses to “How Do I Get Free Music On Iphone?”

  1. Pierce says:

    Sorry I don’t know!

  2. Fernando Revetria says:

    Download Ares, it’s a free virus-free software that you can get online, thing is, it’s illegal, so don’t be surprised if the FBI comes knocking at your door.

  3. Burt says:

    Send threatening emails to Apple. It’s bound to work

  4. Ur mum789 says:

    Get the music on iTunes, then then get realplayer from… After which download the songs onto YouTube (there should be a button on the top of the YouTube video not on full screen). After the downloads are complete click transfer to iTunes then choose your device and you’re away!

  5. Chin Soon says:

    Try illegally downloading them, through mirror links from music sharers site. (try 4shared if you like.)

  6. djpancak says:

    1)Plug your iphone into your computer
    2) go to
    3)find song on youtube and copy url
    4)paste it into the website
    5)download and put it in music/itunes/itunes media/automatically ad to itunes
    6)open itunes
    7)click on your iphone and press the (manualy manage music and videos) or something along those lines
    8)go to your libary and drag the song into your phone on the sidebar

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