How do I get into car boot sales to sell stuff?

I set up my own business last christmas. I knit, quilt and draw stuff then sell them. It’s hiberating at the moment until I finish my exams. But now that I’m nearing the end of them, I want to get selling again. My plan was to go to as many stalls and car boot sales as possible in the summer months.

Problem is… I don’t know where any are! Or how to get into them so I can sell stuff.

Any pointers to get me heading the right way would be brilliant! Thanks!

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3 Responses to “How do I get into car boot sales to sell stuff?”

  1. Isabella says:

    There are some great directories online – carbootjunction is a good one, just google it! You’ll find heaps of car boot sales all over the country so there are bound to be some nearby. Normally you’ll have to pay something to get in as a seller; the one I go to charges £6 for a regular car. Obviously this will vary depending on the location, but it’s unlikely to ever be £10 or more. You just drive in, pay your money, park up and start selling! It may be worth visiting as a "buyer" before you start selling as you can then get a feel for the atmosphere and types of customers that that place usually attracts. Good luck!

  2. Catherine says:

    Where they are would depend on the area you’re in, but when I did a boot sale, you just drive there and someone will stop you asking you if you’re selling or buying they direct you accordingly, you pay a bit of money, park and then set up your stool on free spaces

  3. Kernow Lady says:

    Your local newspaper will advertise them in your area. You just turn up and pay the fee.

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