How do I get into sales?

I want to work in sales because I think I am a good seller and I want to work in a big corporate environment and sell stuff to people and go abroad!
How do I get to do this? currently im 18 studying business at school! n im from the UK

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One Response to “How do I get into sales?”

  1. Jeffrey W says:

    SELL WHAT?????

    To be successful in sales, you have to deeply believe that your product is the best possible solution to your clients’ problems, whatever they may be.

    So a big part of the answer is, what do you want to sell? What do you believe in? You have to marry your desires and beliefs to a product that you can believe in.

    OR ……………….

    You can get a BA in Communications, and an MBA in finance, go into financial services, sell a product that you would never buy yourself, convincing people to invest their life savings in a pipe dream that will soon go broke, and retire at age 35 with millions, if you are a good enough liar.

    Your choice.

    I chose the former, and sell advertising services for a mere pittance. But my stuff works well for my clients, and it has provided me a good living. A very good living.

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