How do I get into sales?

I want to work in sales because I think I am a good seller and I want to work in a big corporate environment and sell stuff to people and go abroad!
How do I get to do this? currently im 18 studying business at school! n im from the UK

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  1. jackie m says:

    Call Centre work is the best way to get into good sales companies – i left school long time ago with no qualifications and attending college full time doing secretarial work and left before exams, I worked as an office junior and over the years gained all office experience, I done a lot of temping work with agencies, long time later because I was unemployed i started in a call centre- the ones that phone you at home and try and sell double glazing, kitchen units or holidays, i done that for 12 years, I became unemployed in january 09 and applied for 3 sales jobs and one of them was looking for a business graduate but because of the sales experience I had I got the job in a multinational company, I was offered the other 2 jobs also i don’t go abroad, yet. The top sellers in the company that travel the globe have never been to university, they learnt as they sold. At 18 it will be very hard to get the type of job you are looking for as there will be hundreds of people out there looking for the same as you and they will have working experience.

  2. BillyB says:


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