How Do I Get My Certificate Translated, As Well As Pay Citizenship Fees?

I recently downloaded a form from the website of the National Registration Service of Lisbon. The website was in Portuguese, luckily I have a Portuguese flatmate who was able to translate it for me. The form is for citizenship by descent. I am eligible since my Father is a Portuguese citizen. I filled out the form, and I also have my passport, my Father’s Portuguese birth certificate, and my own birth certificate ready for when I make the appointment. However, I e-mailed the Portuguese Consulate to ask them two questions about my form.
I asked them whether they had someone on site who could translate my American birth certificate, and how much I would have to pay. I then asked them about the fee for the form. On the form, it states that the fee is 175 euros. It has an option for payment by bank account. However, it says that they only accept checks drawn on/from Portuguese banks, or Portuguese postal vouchers. I do not have a Portuguese bank account, and I assume that in order to get a Portuguese postal voucher, you would have to be in Lisbon.
The Consulate e-mailed me back saying that regarding payment that I should contact the Central Registry……that’s it. Pretty vague right? Would anyone know whether the Central Registry has an English line on the telephone? Or would anyone know what part of the website I could go to regarding payments? Or does anyone know what I can do for the payment?
In regards to translation, the Consulate said that I could either contact the Portuguese Consulate in America, or the American Consulate in Portugal. Again, rather vague. Can anyone help me with this?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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