How Do I Get My Money Back From Giffgaff?

At the beggining if this month i had £10 and on monday i had topped up £10 by voucher so i could purchase the £15 goodybag.
And with the £10 i had started with i had voted for britains got talent which costs around £1 and i figured that if i did vote i could still buy the £15 goodybag
And then yestersday i had forgotten to top up and i tried to do it about an hour ago and it said that my balance was £0 when i hadnt spent anything apart from the voting.
What do you think happened and is there a chance of me reclaiming my money? Do you think bgt took it all? And if there are any phone numbers i could ring that would contact giffgaff please list them in your answer. Im so frustrated right now

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