How do i get my proof of no claims discount for my car insurance.?

Aoved insurer and new insurance company wants (original) proof of no claims discount which im sure AFAIK is at 9 years!

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  1. indie_girl79 says:

    Phone your previous insurer – they will send a letter (to you) confirming how many years no claims you have, you then have to send it to your new insurer. It’s not done automatically.

  2. love2shop says:

    When they ran a check on you it should have come up that there was no claims. You shouldn’t have to provide proof unless a claim has come up against your record that you didn’t make.

  3. chris mc says:

    ask your old insurance firm to supply you with one. its that easy

  4. jamand says:

    Check your old companies last quote – it is usually on there somewhere!

  5. ezeetigeruk says:

    you can either send them your renewal quote from your previous insurer or if this is not sufficient you can ask your old insurer for proof of no claims bonus – which they have to supply you with if you request it! if in doubt contact your new insurer and ask them for advice!

  6. Lollipop says:

    Your last insurer is obliged to give you one just ask them and they will post it out with no cost to you.

  7. grumpyoldman says:

    It should be on your last insurance renewal form

  8. neil2jo says:

    once you cancel you existing insurance they will send this onto to you (around 7 days) YOur new insurance should take your word for it for around 14 days, in which time you should jhave forwarded it to your new insurers

  9. stephen eblue eyes says:

    phone old insurer to get proof

  10. ernie.e says:

    Your old insurance company will give you a letter of proof just ask.

  11. Calamity Jane says:

    from the paperwork of your last car insurance people, when they issue you with details to renew existing insurance it will state what you years no claims is. failing that ‘ring them’ they will tell you.

  12. fred405 says:

    Previous company is obliged to give this to you in writing for you to furnish to a new company

    Just ask them

  13. coolkebab says:

    Before you switched your old insurer should of sent you a proposal offer this will state what no claims they have given you.

  14. Rachel P says:

    get it from your previous insurer

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