How Do I Get New Clothing?

Okay, so lets start with the clothing I have now.
I have a few shirts but since I’m not comfortable with my body I only wear three out of all those shirts. Since I have gym twice a weak (Monday and Friday) I wear a gym shirt on those two days. But, I’m afraid people notice that I only wear the same three shirts through out Tuesday-Thursday. I have three pairs of jeans (I don’t like sweat pants, I’m only comfortable with skinny jeans). I wear the same two jeans through Tuesday-Thursday and I wear the third pair of jeans on Monday and Friday. The third pair (Monday and Friday jeans) are pretty new and a lot of people like them and so do I. I have a pair of converse which I wear on Monday and Friday and a pair on boots that I wear on Tuesday-Thursday.
Like I said, I am worried people are starting to notice that I’m wearing the same clothing every week.
So, lets just say I’m not the wealthiest person around.
My parents make about $80,000 a year, each, so I obviously can’t shop at A&F, Hollister Co., and stores that charge high prices for their clothing. If I do shop there, it’s at a very rare occasion, when there is a good sale. I don’t like AreoPostale clothing because it’s not made from very good quality (at least too me) and only lasts me about half a year before it gets worn out.
I’m EXTREMELY self-conscious (emphasis on extremely).
I’m not comfortable with my stomach and my thighs. I do exercise a few times a week and play on a tennis team (practice everyday for two hours). I don’t like clothing that’s too form fitting because it shows the flab .~. I have an hour glass figure and I don’t have a round stomach but I don’t have a flat stomach either. So, I need clothing that would show my figure but not show my flab.
The kind of clothing I like is the lazy look kind of clothing.
I like hoodies that aren’t zip up hoodies. I just like the hoodies that you just slip on and have the one big pocket on them in the middle. I ONLY wear skinny jeans because that’s what I’m comfortable with. If there’s any pair of sneakers that I wear it’s converse. I don’t like Nike’s, Jordan’s, and any kind of shoes in that style. I LOVE boots especially the boots that have the shoe laces on them.
So my questions are…
Where/How do I get clothing that looks cute and has good quality for a cheap price?
Where do I get clothing that fits my figure but doesn’t show my flab?
Where do I get clothing that’s cute but in my comfort zone?
Any additional details are appreciated :3

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2 Responses to “How Do I Get New Clothing?”

  1. Alex says:

    See every girl limestone name brand right? Right. so shop at like a platos closet or goodWill. i mean they have name brand shirts for like 5 to 20 dollars. which is cheap considering in the real store its 45-80. an if your not comfortable with you body were loose shirts like the hang off the shoulder or lace… i hope i helped.

  2. Ambrose says:

    discount. tjmaxx, marshalls. Designer lables aren’t too important in frikkin 7th grade. Save your money for high school/college when you’re done growing!

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