How do i get out of a career in sales?

I’m currently in sales but wish change my career as I hate sales! What jobs are suitable for me regarding my skill set of a salesman? Is project management an option?

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  1. ross19772001 says:

    Don’t listen to Rajman…. i’m a recruitment consultant and i too got bored with sales until i started working somewhere i liked. My options were limited when i looked because sales is just targets, no physical skills required or Qualifications given when you complete a deal etc. So my options were.
    Pay a career adviser £600.00 to sort me out over 3 months, they do a CV speak to employers and assess your hidden skills like negotiation and communication etc, work for the government because they train you, qualify you and have job security or start doing some evening courses. Search for jobs on Monster and see what is out there and what you might like to do and then find out what skills you need to apply. hope this helps

  2. playball says:

    Good luck to you. I was in a similar situation. Once you get in sales it’s hard to get out but you can use your sales skills to sale yourself, so to speak, on a new career. I would just say follow what interests you most and then convince them that the skills you’ve obtained in sales is what they need in the position that they’re filling.

  3. christina_m_taft says:

    It could be, depending on the rest of your experience and education. You could also look into some sort of marketing. If you can’t find anything you like, you could always go back to school with night classes or online classes. Good luck to you!

  4. vicky l says:

    speak to your local careers office or college

  5. redwood1775 says:

    Hey I know how you feel…all that persuading and convincing and follow ups and overcoming objections and blah blah blah…..

    never ending targets and the promises of the next pay cheque with your "Bonus"…. yeh… been there….

    then I moved into the "care" sector…. I run a team of people who "Support" other people with what are described as Learning Difficulties… and guess what… all my sales training comes in really handy…. give it a serious look….. may be for you…

    ask at your job centre….

    good luck

  6. Ollie says:

    You will only find out by trying.Goodluck

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