How do I get the best deal on a phone upgrade?

Been with 3 for about 5 years, my monthly bill is usually £50- contract in £33. Due an upgrade, how do I get a good deal- basically offered me same contract but for £38- bearing in mind this was with a Samsung S4 model.

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2 Responses to “How do I get the best deal on a phone upgrade?”

  1. SayItRight says:

    Retention deals are becoming a thing of the past,i couldn’t get a decent offer the last time I switched provider which is exactly why I switched,they did not want to reward my loyalty so I left them.

    You can upgrade your phone at the Carphone warehouse or phones4u even if you did not get your previous phone from them and the upgrade prices are sometimes lower than what you would pay by renewing with your existing provider or simply taking out a new contract.

    However I would simply decide on the phone and usage deal you want and then check across all providers to see what they have to offer,don’t just walk in and express an interest in upgrading,decide what you want and ask what the best deal available is,if it is better than what you have now give 3 your 30 day notice,get your PAC code and sign up to a new provider.

  2. J Manjra says:

    The best way to make the most out of a upgrade deal is to shop around. Once upon a time, just a few years ago, mobile providers would "fight" to keep the custom. Sadly, those days are long gone and it’s hardly you see a provider going the extra mile to keep your custom. You could still try and get through to customer retentions/disconnections and see whether they will offer you an incentive to stay on.

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