How do I get the Orange mobile phone NHS worker 10% discount?

I’m looking to get an Orange monthly mobile phone contract. I’ve been tol about the 10% discount for family of NHS workers. My sister works for the NHS. Can I order my contract from an online reseller (with special offer on half price line rental) and still go in store and get the 10% discount?

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One Response to “How do I get the Orange mobile phone NHS worker 10% discount?”

  1. LindaH says:

    I would imagine you have to complete a form which should be available from the NHS. Once completed you may probably get the contract and obtain the 10% discount from there.

    If I were you I would double-check some other mobile phone suppliers, to see if there are any larger savings to be made elsewhere, before you make your final choice.

    Best of Luck, I’m with 3!!!

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