How do I get things off

I’ve just made an account with because I really want to get this book that isn’t available in the UK yet.

I’ve added it to my "basket" but don’t know how to actually buy it or order it.

Can anyone please help me?
oh I don’t have a credit card, and neither do my parents =(
oh or a debit card

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5 Responses to “How do I get things off”

  1. Hatters says:

    The only way you can make payment is with a credit or debit card. You could try contacting the sellers direct, but if they are in the USA, then they would require payment this way too.

    Don’t mean to be rude, but how else would you expect to pay on-line?

  2. coco jo says:

    once added to your basket goto checkout and you need to purchase with a debit or credit card … that’s how i did it anyway when i bought a book from there

  3. Squirl says:

    you need a card to buy from amazon. you can buy from ebay with personal cheque sometimes though. to buy online you always need plastic im afraid!

  4. loopdaloop123 says:

    Haha, lol.
    You kinda need a way of payment. i.e. credit/debit card.

  5. cathrl69 says:

    You could buy one of those preloaded credit cards? If you don’t and won’t get a card of any sort, you can’t use amazon.

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