How do I go about getting a refund from Pontins , and /or KGB deals?

I booked a holiday at Pontins, Brean Sands, through KGB deals, when we arrived our chalet smelt OVERWHELMINGLY of vomit, urine and armpits.
They wouldn’t move us.
The next morning , and during the next day we both became, queasy nauseous and lost appetites. By Sunday morning I promised we would not spend another night in that sick chalet, the 2 alternative ones they offered us smelt OK inside , but had smell of sewage wafting up to them.
So we left before our holiday was over. We were both unwell, neither of us drank anything (alcohol).
I want a refund. Do you know what I could do please?

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  1. Pompal says:

    Their website says the following if you have a complaint –

    "If for any reason you are not completely happy with your holiday or have any difficulties, please let our reception staff or the Duty Manager at your chosen holiday location know as soon as possible and they will do their best to help so that you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. If you are still not satisfied, you must record your complaint in writing with a member of the reception staff or the Duty Manager whilst on holiday.
    At the end of your holiday, if you feel that we have not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily, you must write to The Holiday Park you stayed at, within 28 days of the end of your holiday. We can only take action on complaints that were recorded whilst you were on your break and received within 28 days unless exceptional circumstances apply. We can only correspond with the lead name person on the booking so that we have opportunity to resolve matters as swiftly and satisfactorily as possible"

    If you didn’t record your complaint in writing whilst at the site I would be inclined to contact their trading office, which you will find in 1 (c) of their terms and conditions –

  2. The Power says:

    Pontins is like this all over now, years ago it was a fantastic holiday destination for the family but now it is outdated, tired and not looked after.
    Complain, complain and complain again, sometimes its long winded with these companies and im sure pontins receive more complaints than anyone else. Dont give up, insist u speak direct to a manager, tell them u are going to report them to trading standards, watch dog and the environmental health. If u persist with phone calls and letters im sure ur get a result but it will take a while. Good luck, sorry about ur holiday.

  3. simon says:

    You may have caught a stomach bug from the vomit smell in chalet, the air can be full of bugs. Try having plenty of fluids and simple things like soup or porridge. See your doctor about antibiotics and painkillers to reduce any fever or stomach pains. Tell doctor consistency of the vomit, carrots lumpy etc.
    Ensure you clean up after being sick so future guests get no bugs.

    Take plenty of rest and ask about moving into a new chalet or perhaps sleeping in reception area.
    Some holiday camps may have an infirmary to look after you all.

    Hope u feel well soon.

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