How Do I Hook Up Speakers? I Know Nothing About This Sort Of Thing.?

A friend gave me a Kenwood 5 disk CD player (Kenwood CD-203) they bought at a garage sale because she knew I wanted to be able to play CD’s on the patio this summer.
The unit powers up and appears to be in great condition, but there are no speakers. The back has the yellow and red output holes.
I went cyber-shopping and found a pair of indoor/outdoor speakers I like – my question is – how do I hook them up? Do I simply splice the speaker wires to the right sized yellow and red male plugs?
And do I need an amp? (I saw people talking about amps in several posts).
Thanks for any simple advice/instruction.

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One Response to “How Do I Hook Up Speakers? I Know Nothing About This Sort Of Thing.?”

  1. Philip W says:

    Check the back of the radio if you see the colors such as red yellow and white just hook it up onto your 5 disk cd to your speakers also if you see other wire plugs i think it is a safe bet that you need wires to hook up the wire plug it’s very important before you use wires especially expose one always wear electric resistant gloves that way you won’t get shock

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