How Do I Improve Sales On My Website?

I have a small website to sell software tools(My own).
Do you have any suggestions to improve sales on this site?
I use paypal BuyNow buttons to sell those tools.
This is the site:
Please tell me
Thanks a lot

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One Response to “How Do I Improve Sales On My Website?”

  1. Neil says:

    The question is more probably “how to get more traffic to my website”.
    However, firstly, having your site on a sub-domain is a problem – it should be on your own self hosted domain. Getting good seo on a sub-domain is dicey. You would have a better chance in getting visitors if your site was using WordPress on a self-hosted domain and using an e-commerce plugin such as WP-eStore(paid) or WP-eCommerce(free version). Both these plugins include Paypal as a payment processor.
    Secondly, your using a too small a font – its very difficult to read descriptions.
    You mention you’re selling software on Ebay! Ebay doesn’t have a good reputation for quality so people might think your software is very good.
    Need more information about you etc. so potential purchasers feel confident in buying your products. Put up bios & photos so they know who they are dealing with.
    Hope things improve for you.

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