How Do I Know if Eggs Used In Ready Meal Free Range?

My family have always eaten free range eggs. But when I buy something made using eggs there is never a mention of the origin of the eggs. Is there a way of finding out where the eggs in the recipe come from?

If anyone knows of a store in the UK (MArks and Spencers?) that makes its ready meals using free range eggs I’d like to know.

Any advice on doing the best to ensure I am not contributing to the suffering of animals would be appreciated.

Please – no answers telling me to go vegetarian.

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5 Responses to “How Do I Know if Eggs Used In Ready Meal Free Range?”

  1. heleni says:

    Marks and Spencer have taken the step of only selling free range eggs in store, but although it is their long term aim to only use free range eggs in their prepared foods, to my knowledge this hasn’t happened yet. When anywhere starts using free range eggs as an ingredient, expect them to make a song and dance about it.

    Until such time as that happens, the required conditions for organic eggs are of equal, or even preferable standard to free range, and so may be a good alternative for you. There are some organic ready meals available, especially if you live near large supermarkets.

    Of course the best way to be sure of the ingredients is to cook things from scratch yourself.

  2. newgran says:

    It is probably powdered egg which is used in ready meals

  3. bruvvamoff says:

    If you can afford to shop in M&S then you are in luck because they normally use the best ingredients including free range eggs. You could however look for organic ready meals, they would definately use free range eggs.

  4. zanahoria says:

    The problem with ready-cooked meals is you don’t really know what goes into them. Many producers have resorted to renaming hydrogenated fats as triglycerides. I know of no big chain of shops that make their meals with free range eggs. You might get ‘organic’, but not necessarily free-range. The best thing is to avoid ready-cooked meals and cook your own.

  5. joanne m says:

    Normally they are all battery unless it states so on the pack. Higher quality products will state it. Best making a batch of your own and freeze it. Taste much better and cost much less.

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