How Do I Learn To Ride A Motorcycle?

I’m 17 at the moment, I would like to ride the kind what biker gangs ride but can’t remember their name, also is it expensive to learn and to keep a bike? I can ride a cycle fine if that helps haha

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  1. Mr. Right says:

    First of all the kind of bikes you’re interested in are categorized as “cruisers” (good choice, they’re the bikes I prefer)
    #2 lucky for you, you can find these generally a little cheaper than sport bikes especially if you’re purchasing a non American brand. As a new rider you never want to start on a brand new bike because you are going to make mistakes and or possibly drop the bike. Harley Davidsons are on the more expensive side. Also you will outgrow and tire from your first bike anyhow. I recommend looking on Craigslist and buying from a private seller because you will find the cheaper prices. Just make sure you get it checked out by a bike mechanic and the seller is giving you the title. Look into Honda shadow models, Suzuki boulevard models and Kawasaki. These are great starter bikes and you can find used ones at reasonable prices. Your height and weight as well as skill level will make a difference into how much power you buy. For your first bike you don’t want to find a bike with 600-800ccs if you’ve already taken classes and learned on a 250cc or smaller.
    #3 don’t try to teach yourself. There is a nationwide program called the motorcycle safety foundation that will teach you everything you need in their “basic rider course program” on California they usually start at $250 but you will learn all the basics and techniques that may save your life one day. Check out and find a school near you. You will also get great benefits like discounts on insurance and even motorcycle gear at certain stores.
    #4 lucky for you, being good on a bicycle will help you on a motorcycle. They’re not the same but the fact that you can balance and lean/steer on a bicycle will come in handy.
    Good luck, be safe and be smart. When you ride on a motorcycle you are mainly putting the majority of your safety in your own hands. Be smart take classes. Books, magazines and even YouTube videos will help you AFTER you take classes. Since you are 17 call your states DMV and find out your requirements. In California you can get a permit under 21 which means you can still ride but with daytime only restrictions, but you have to be at least 21 to get a license. Every state is different.
    Good luck!

  2. Mad Jack says:

    First. Where you live, there are lots of restrictions for young and inexperienced riders. As you learn, you will be limited by both engine size and horsepower. I am only vaguely aware of these restrictions only because I frequent this category. Not such a bad system, even though you may not think so since you are a beginner.
    You may want to check with your local DMV to learn the licensing process and requirements. It is also helpful to enroll in an accredited motorcycle safety course. Your instructor will also be knowledgeable of the licensing requirements.

  3. Nomadd says:

    I guess every gang needs a butt monkey. Have fun.

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