How do I make more sales on Ebay?

I am starting out selling handmade bracelets and hoping to expand to more in the near future, but I am struggling to get regular, steady, sales, rather it is hit and miss, but I am hoping to develop a business so need the steady sales to be honest.

Could I ask if people would take a look at my listings under charmedangelcreations on ebay and give me any thoughts they have on what I could improve on them to encourage more sales?

I cant yet afford a store just yet.

I would appreciate any help.

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2 Responses to “How do I make more sales on Ebay?”

  1. Manu i am not clever says:

    it is depend on the some of main reasons they are
    1) your offering price
    2)displaying Discount
    3)season for your product
    4)competitors prices of the same product

    try to attract customers from displaying number(prices,discounts)

  2. Ian says:

    When selling on eBay it is important to remember you are in a very competitive market.

    Try to think of marketing strategies which make your business unique and bespoke from the competition.

    Rule one in my book is focus on delivering excellent content on your eBay listing. I highly recommend this link for getting "eBay Templates" for your listings. Not only cost-effective but also very well designed so its easy to make your business look professional.

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