How do I mask an image and text in photoshop?

I’m looking to do something very similar to this book design –

I can remember to have the text on one layer and the photograph/image on another, and that it’s something to do with masking, but I was taught this very briefly in college and can’t remember what to do!

Any help would be appreciated,

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One Response to “How do I mask an image and text in photoshop?”

  1.  ☥♡☮  says:

    link is image of cover, with text, and images inside lettering,

    you can open an picture you want,
    create new layer with white, type text,
    select black text with wand or by color range,
    and delete selection
    that leaves clear area in letters and shows color image through below,

    you can use more than one images, or one large image to fill letters,
    you could animate images as gif, or leave as still jpg,
    you can use patterns or brushes,

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