How Do I Minimize The Chance Of Being Caught Using A Fake Pay Stub For A Car Loan?

Here is the exact situation: I used an online bad credit auto loan company and was approved for a $10,350 car loan. I am to take a voucher from this company to a dealership of my choice. The voucher tells the dealership to verify my employment and income. I am working part-time at a gas station making 800/month sometimes a little more. I used my real employer information on the form I gave the dealership but I used a fake pay stub to “prove” my income was 1200. Am I likely to get caught? Will/can my employer actually give out my monthly income information or how many hours I work? Essentially I make 8/hr approximately 25 hours a week, the stub I used says I make 8/hr 37.5 hours/week. Is it likely I will be caught? Don’t just scare me for the heck of it! honest assessment please.

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2 Responses to “How Do I Minimize The Chance Of Being Caught Using A Fake Pay Stub For A Car Loan?”

  1. R K says:

    your going to need to write down where you have worked and their going to check your credit record.
    they will probably want more than one pay stub and they will probably want to see your last two or three bank statements and maybe your last two years tax returns. so, yes, you will probably get caught and might have to give the car back when they find out.

  2. Scott H says:

    The best way to minimize the chances of being caught falsifying information to obtain a loan is to be honest. At $800 a month, I’d be very surprised if you qualify for any loan. These things have a habit of coming back to bite you.

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