How do I pass a sales representative test, what questions would I get and how do I answer them to get the job?

what website could help me online to pass sales tests?
The job is Dental sales position I am qualified in dental technology and dental nursing but I am a bubbly, friendly person that gets my work done better under pressure, and gets a buzz from it, I also don’t like failing at things or leaving things incomplete, the ad stated that qualified dental nurses looking to move into sales would be considered.

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7 Responses to “How do I pass a sales representative test, what questions would I get and how do I answer them to get the job?”

  1. ramola says:

    if u r bubbly , friendly & know your subjects well u have all the chances to get the job. u r fit to be a salesman. in the intereview mostly they see your personality, ablity to convince the people , the way u attract the people’s attention, your language , knowledge about the product u sell.

  2. templejohn says:

    DOU,,, Whats the job ????

  3. Rae says:

    You would really need a natural flair for sales. I don’t think you can learn this, you either have it or you don’t. But I never thought I had it, but it would appear that I do!!

    You should just be bubbly, persistent (it’s the key, don’t you know!) and friendly. I am not into the "hard sell" but gain most of my sales through being nice, empathatic and gaining customers’ trust.

    Tell your prospective employer that you are very motivated and love working to targets, in fact the more you are targeted the better you perform. It gives you something to aim for. Also tell them that financial bonuses motivate you – most sales jobs pay comission.

    If these statements aren’t true then maybe sales isn’t for you…

  4. carmel_andrews says:

    I think that the questions that will be posed to you will be done in the form of a ‘live’ sales presentation or ‘pitch’, as well as closing

    i.e opening pleasentaries/intro’s

    begining sales presentation

    qualification/objection handling

    more sales presenation

    Initial ‘closing’ scenario

    closing/pitch objection handling

    more ‘closing’ scenario’s

    And finally (if in a phone based sales/marketing enviro), ‘if we were sitting across the desk from each other, i take it that by now, we would be shaking and doing business’

    If you mananaged that, i guess you’ve passed the test

  5. redwood1775 says:

    Buy This…. sit down and read it all…. its the best book on sales ever writen…

  6. gaurav says:

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  7. shawLl says:

    sales people have the gift of the gab, so use it, if you can’t then you are not suited.

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