How do I remove student discount number from online shopping?

I came across a student discount number (not mine) online and wondered if it worked, so I typed it in the student discount box on the Topshop website (it does work) but I don’t want to use it and now I can’t remove it. Please help, I need to make an order, but feel bad using someone else’s number but can’t remove it.

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2 Responses to “How do I remove student discount number from online shopping?”

  1. Player One says:

    Just use it, if it works there’s nothing wrong with using it. Infact some websites specialise in sharing money off codes for many manufacturers, the reason being that you may have come into contact with the money off code normally in your day to day business but maybe you just went to the wrong shop and missed it, the offers have to be open to everyone.

  2. LAURA POTTS says:

    on your computer go to start, then controll panel, then to delete cookies , then go delete all , this with delete all the passwords and websites you have looked at but it will solve your problem!

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