how do i restore a pc to its factory settings?

i have just bought this

how do i restore it to factory settings, keeping the windows xp?i will want to put vista on it later on but not straight away.

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  1. Trish says:

    You don`t actually need the disc for it to be genuine, as long as the serial on the casing is genuine.
    You could always borrow an xp home disc for reinstallation.
    Before you reinstall have a look at my answer about drivers, below.
    If everyone did this there would not be many questions on here about searching for drivers.
    But as someone else mentioned, it is a new install, so why bother. You can buy a vista disc when you`re ready for the change, or wait for windows 7.

  2. ioerr says:

    Did he give you the windows install disk with it?

    I see he advertised the XP install as being "genuine." So I hope he gave you the install disk. There’s absolutely no point in calling the install "genuine" unless the install disk is included in the deal.

    So anyway, if you’ve got the install disk, you can use it to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows right there. That’s as close to "factory settings" as you’re going to get on a pc.

    Of course you might also need some drivers for various hardware devices on the pc. Windows will automatically detect and set up a lot of these itself, but there may be one or two you’ll need an extra disk for. Hopefully, he threw that in with the deal also.

    That’s what you need, a windows install disk and any additional drivers required.

    Whatever drivers you might need that aren’t already in windows, you can probably download off the internet.

    If you have to go out and get a new windows install disk though, that could run you over a hundred US bucks, easy.

    So it really would be a good thing if he included that. He should have, if he’s calling this a "genuine" install. If he didn’t ask him for it.

    He’s also calling it a "clean" install, btw, which presumably means he’s already restored this thing to "factory settings" fo you.

    You should still ask him for the install disk. That disk does come in handy from time to time.

  3. Dave says:

    go to control panel in the start menu, performance and maintenance, system restore, restore my computer to an earlier time, and pick the day you want to restore it at

  4. John says:

    If you want to restore to factory setting, you need the Windows XP CD.

    1) Backup your XP Drivers.
    2)Put the cd in
    3)restart your computer, there should be a boot button to reinstall XP. I think try the buttons F12 or F10. Ask your seller which button it is.
    4) When booted to XP Installation, follow the instructions.
    5) After installation is complete, install XP Drivers.

    Dell Drivers for your computer are here if you can’t find it on your computer.

    Full instructions to installing XP are here:

    A video for installing XP:

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