How do I show to other employers that I meet my target in sales?

This employer stated "Please highlight your target driven sales experience and your passion for long haul travel", what do I response to that?

I work for a marketing company where all these sales target is not recorded but I know I did meet my targets so how I do show all these things?
"What do I response to that" is not a academic English and I am aware of it. It is a spoken English used in Scotland.

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  1. ? says:

    its not asking you for numbers
    it says "please highlight your target driven sales EXPERIENCE"

    so basically its asking you that when you had to make sales and meet a target for those sales, highlight the experience you had of meeting that target for those sales.

    so just talk about the experience you have with meeting target sales

    e.g. i have 10 years experience with target driven sales. in the past year alone i exceeded the set target for a japanese based firm selling 2 million more units than was previously anticipated blah blah blah

    then talk about your "passion for long haul travel" (because they want to know if you can cope with going to different countries, places, meeting new people and possibly long flights etc)
    e.g. in the past 5 years i have visited 12 countries in my own leisure time. i enjoy meeting new people from different backgrounds and cherish the history of great nations such as britain, canada, india blah blah blah

    p.s. you must only highlight so basically be brief and straight to the point. my examples are only a guide

  2. Oswald Cobblepott says:

    You do not tell us by what medium you must present this information.

    And if your language is so bad as to form the sentence ‘what do I response to that’, I suspect you’re some way to achieving your targets.

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