How Do I Start A Discount Card Membership Business?

Companies, I would ask to participate are Wawa, FoodBasic, Walmart, and add on as I grow, Conumers would purchase a membership card an or a single card with one particular store, they would receive a discounted percentage based on loyalty in these stores, for a limited amount of time, I also would like to know, how would I approach and convince these retialer to participate?

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One Response to “How Do I Start A Discount Card Membership Business?”

  1. Go with the flow says:

    So, you are going to offer a card that gives 20% off at walmart?
    Note: I shop at walmart anyway.
    They have the best prices.
    About once a month I venture to other stores and learn my darn lesson.
    Target is doing a good job at beating them. They already offer a 5% cash back card.

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