How do I stop my socks from slipping down under my foot at the heel?

It’s driving me balmy. I end up with a cold ankle and a lump of scrunched up sock under my foot at the instep. Would heel grips in my shoes help, or is it the socks themselves which are at fault? It happens with several different pairs of shoes. The socks are from Marks & Spencers so not rubbish.
My feet are clean, I shower every day. They are cotton socks as they don’t make the feet sweat like synthetic ones do,and they are the correct size for my size 5 feet. These days most socks are "one size fits all" so apart from buying children’s socks I don’t know what to do.
And they are not inside out either lol

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14 Responses to “How do I stop my socks from slipping down under my foot at the heel?”

  1. bumbleboi says:

    Sounds like you have ill fitting socks or ill fitting shoes, try getting your feet properly measured in a good shoe shop, like Clarks and buy socks that have at least a 5% lycra content to maintain shape, grip and hold. I find that the new modal socks hold up better than cotton, also if the socks have a part nylon mix it helps but don’t go for 100% nylon socks because they make your feet sweat more and hum as a result, this is especially true for guys as our feet sweat more than womens anyway.

  2. pat.rob00 Chef U.K. says:

    Change them more often… it not the sweat on the bottom of your feet ? try twice a day……..

  3. Ally H says:

    I’ve never had this problem with normal socks – only trainer socks.
    Maybe try a new pair of sock – something higher than normal?
    Also, make sure the socks are pure cotton, and not some silky sort of material.
    Other than that, you could try mens socks, they are often more stretchy.

  4. munchsmum says:

    Might sound daft, but make sure they’re not inside out!

    That always seems to be the cause when it happens to me.

  5. xapao says:

    buy tight socks, if not possible…

    thumb tacks and staplers will come in handy

  6. paconet19 says:

    maybe buy a smaller sock, one that is actually the correct size, works for me every time

  7. Theluckyhedgehog says:

    Elastic Band, then fold them over at the top to hide it.

  8. mama says:

    may be you should get a size smaller than whhat you normally buy and i am sure it will stay.

  9. psychoticgenius says:


  10. MaryC O says:

    Get knee high ones or wear tights..

  11. Hibee says:

    Elasticated tops.

  12. petal r says:

    your buying them to small go for the next size .

  13. richard c says:

    stop walking so fast!!worked with guy that had the same problem!!if you watched him yu would know immediately why his socks fell!!a real heel and toe walker!!the force of hitting on his heel pulled socks down!!and he was a fast walker!!

  14. Tsh says:

    stop shaving your legs & stitch some velcro pads onto the insides of the bands, should do the trick eventually…

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