How Do I Stop Solicitor Sales People From Constantly Knocking On My Door?

I recently purchased my first home, I live in a suburb just outside of Atlanta Georgia with my wife and daughter.. We love living in a house versus apartment, but lately we’ve had ton’s of Solicitors coming by the house… I’m not sure what to do about these guys but they start coming thru our neighborhood around 9 in the morning… Various people, selling AT&T, Windows, Car Wax I mean it’s nuts… The problem is these guys get angry when you tell them No… This morning someone came by at 8AM and when I came to the door the guy was leaning up against my front door… I asked him to leave and the guy tells me to wait while he calls his boss? They won’t leave, every time I ask them to go they always start saying some crazy stuff giving me a reason to hold on a few minutes… What should I do? The problem is we have a dog and a baby daughter, and the dog immediately starts barking like crazy whenever they stop by…

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4 Responses to “How Do I Stop Solicitor Sales People From Constantly Knocking On My Door?”

  1. Ace says:

    Answer the door with a shotgun in your hand lol

  2. Ethan R. says:

    “No soliciting” Sign by the door. Simple fix.

  3. Pazuzu says:

    Tell them to go away, if they don’t go away, tell them you are calling the police. If they still don’t go away, call the police.
    Owning a shotgun helps too if they are… excessively persistent and decide to come inside without permission. A 12 gauge pointed at them can really put things in perspective and they may just decide to leave you alone. It’s happened to me before and let me tell you, it’s an effective means of ensuring your privacy and security.
    Leaning on the door? What if one of them tries to force their way in? You need to be ready for a situation like that. Believe me, it happens, and it may not even be a solicitor at your door.

  4. alucard8 says:

    I have a similar problem, but with religious sales people (I live near a baptist church).
    Usually I answer the door and immediately say “F off and die” Then close the door.
    If they refuse to leave then call the police.

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