How Do I Use My Windows Promo Code To Download My Free Version Of Windows 8?

As you all know, Windows 8 was released a few days ago and I, or rather, my mother is just now realizing she has received her promo code for her download of Windows 8 in her email. I still confused on how this is suppose to work because when she came back from Best Buy with both the PC and the monitor, she explicitly told me that purchasing the system ensured that it came pre-installed with Windows 8. However, upon inspection of the system itself, we came to find that it infact did not, although I realized beforehand that the PC had Windows 7 not only based on the sticker, but the mere fact that Windows 8 had yet to be released to the general public for purchase. So she went back up there to only come back and say that they gave her a product code that allowed her a free download of Windows 8. Keyword being FREE. Since I was not up there to make sure that everything was in order I’m still in the dark about the whole situation. I use the Windows 7 PC Product Key to register at the website below.
Several days later, I am sitting here, with the product key in my mailbox, wondering why when I use the product key they only take $25 off. I understand that when I registered at the website it told me it would give me the download at a discounted price of $14.99. But the employees at Best Buy told my mother that she would get a free download if she purchased this particular PC.
Is there something I am missing? I’m really distraut because now she’s upset that she has to pay another $15 to upgrade to an OS that she has been waiting on for months, being that they promised her free access, early access at that. I am aware that this usually isn’t case and really only applies to PCs that are pre-made with Windows 8.
Is there a regular Windows 8 OS available for free download with the product key I received in my MSN Outlook Mailbox? Or was the product key only for the discounted price Windows 8 Pro?…

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  1. Dominic says:

    I heard some retails were giving out rebates or discounts or something to those who decided to get the $15 upgrade. I don’t remember hearing if Best Buy was doing something like that. Check the sales receipt to see if there were any instructions.
    I would definitely contact the retailer. Seems like she was misled about how the whole thing was supposed to work. I can see how this might have gotten mixed up. The discount code was free which is the truth. However the product key costs $15 after the discount so either the sales staff mistook discount code for the product key or they’re guilty of a lie by omission.
    – Dominic

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