How Do I Used A Hot Cash?

I’ve read how to use it…(SHOP ONLINE
1. Have your coupon handy so you can use the promo code later.
2. Shop and select at least $30 worth of stuff to get $15 off your Hot Cash purchase**.
3. Click on the link below and start shopping at
4. Use Promo Code listed on HOT CASH coupon during check out. Only one discount redeemable per purchase online.)
Here is what i’m talking about. HOW DO I FIND THE PROMO CODE?! I’ve bought more than $3O but the price is still the same, I want to know how i can find the promo code. PLEASE HELP!

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One Response to “How Do I Used A Hot Cash?”

  1. Shelby says:

    I’d click on ‘How to Redeem’ and see where that gets you. If not then I’d probably just go to the closest hot topic, or maybe wait until tomorrow and try again. They might not have updated their site for the coupons yet.

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