How do scam sales callers get my number?

Only 1 month ago have I got a new phone, and I have not signed up for anything new in that month so haven’t registered my new phone number anywhere on the internet, or over the phone.

However, I’ve got several calls from random ‘sales’ companies (scams) and I’m just wondering how they managed to get hold of my new number?

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3 Responses to “How do scam sales callers get my number?”

  1. jackie m says:

    They random dial, ignore the calls do not send STOP or they know they have a valid number, keep note of the number under Scams in your directory and don’t answer it.

  2. Kittysue says:

    They just use computers that autodial every combination of numbers looking for someone that answers.
    I have a work Blackberry and have never given out the number as I have another phone that I use and even that gets sales calls. I barely know the number myself as I never use it as a phone and have not given anyone the number

  3. ☆pURple♀WHIMsey☆ says:

    Maybe you forgot to tick a box somewhere whilst entering information.

    If not it’s always best to ask them. I did and they gave me this address to write to to find out who.

    If that fails ask your mobile provider.

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