How do they deal with periods ?

hey there. i know celebs are just popular humans but how do the females deal with their period !? nobody can ever tell ! do they wear tampons or pads ? sensible answers only. thanks. x

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5 Responses to “How do they deal with periods ?”

  1. Takkun. says:

    …they deal with it like everyone else.
    It’s not like there’s constant crotch shots. the paparazzi doesn’t give a fck if Katy Perry’s on her period and what she uses for it.

  2. blackgrumpycat says:

    They would probably use whichever they are comfortable with. They really are only human and I bet if you walked down a street, you wouldn’t have a clue which women were on their periods or not.

  3. patrick says:

    stik a pad in the panties and deal with it

  4. abigail_marie says:

    Like every other women with their period.
    We don’t know when they have it because it’s not like they announce it to the world.

    This question wasn’t really thought out well.

  5. ♥Fern♥ says:

    hello:) they deal with it like everyone else! if they are wearing tight and revealing outfits or dresses then they probably use a tampon to avoid bulkiness and leaks:) depends on what the woman is most comfortable in:)
    hope i answered your question!:D

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