How do ugly people deal with it?

I’m not trying to be funny or anything but I think I am and I want to know how to deal with it.

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31 Responses to “How do ugly people deal with it?”

  1. Heartbroken for another day says:

    Deal with what?

    If you’re talking about how to deal with other people. I guess i just ignore them i mean trust me i get hundreds of comments saying you’re ugly everyday. Guess it kinda slows me down but i just gotta learn to accept it.

    Sometimes i think love is only to those who are pretty x.x but idk

  2. Just Let Me Say This (fix Y!A) says:

    Life aint easy when you’re fat and greasy.

  3. Baby Blonde says:

    IDK, i guess they cake themselves in makeup, i wouldn’t know.

    But do you notice fat ugly people seem to have the appearence of beautiful skin??? Well those who wear enough foundation

  4. Jennie is in Severe pain says:

    Wow….You are stuck up

  5. ℓσιѕ gя郃ιη ( ρ&ѕ ƒιяѕт ℓα∂у)™ says:

    who said i was ugly maybe you are…?

  6. The Curse of Curves <3 says:

    there is no such thing as ugly.

  7. deadman says:

    i wouldn’t know, but it must suck to be a munter.

  8. Witch_doctor says:

    By working out and having really great bodies to make up for their face!

  9. 2 weeks to go says:

    Some people probably think you are ugly, so they could ask you this question

  10. Just Me. says:

    Im sure your not but if your not happy with how you look see your doctor and you could get plastic surgery.

  11. Stiffy! says:

    Just hang your mirrors a little lower…

  12. bails says:

    Your probably not

  13. *Sparki* says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  14. Amanda says:

    I think you’re the one who’s ugly. So why don’t you deal with it yourself.

  15. WhAt? says:

    Maybe to some people life is not all about the way someone looks. For example YOU think that a persons looks define them when in actuality it is there inner beauty that defines them! Good luck getting anywhere in life believing that looks are everything!

  16. mikeejenkins3 says:

    the same way pretty people deal with being conceited.

  17. ABC1 says:

    Probably the best way they can.

  18. Paul S says:

    by not worrying about superficiality

  19. ♥Kelsi♥ says:

    idk….not to be cocky but i think i’m cute so idk

  20. greydays says:

    We develop a sense of humour and wear appropriately placed clothing. Also we make lots of money as professional scarers and of course our main pay day is halloween

  21. Sarah D. says:

    i dont think you might be that ugly and i really think you shouldn’t believe what other people say, there is no such thing as ugly…beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

  22. Helmstok says:

    they ignore shallow people

  23. Death Virus says go FAQ yourself says:

    I don’t know how do you?

  24. Stu says:

    i don’t know…make up for it by being funny. if you’re a cool person, it shouldn’t matter what you look like.

  25. HedgehogMan says:

    Well for girls it’s easy, just become a trollop

    For guys, either grow a 10” whanger or get used to being single

  26. Light Of Eärendil says:

    You get used to it.

  27. A Yellow Walrus Writes... says:

    They often kill themselves because the glossy magazine’s say "die fugly, die" in fashion-speak. Of course, not taking it literally myself when a beautiful woman tells me to "drop dead", but I have been known to stab her with her own prada when rejection gets too much.

  28. Stoned ;) says:

    well i guess you just get used to it over time

  29. fuzzled says:

    personality is your best weapon!
    find your own style!

    If you’re still a child then there’s not much point worrying about it, you will change as you get older. You can only do what you can do! Try to live healthily.

    (edit: could people please READ THE DETAILS before answering the question!)

  30. lil ms moi says:

    No one’s ugly in this world. There are only meanies and you’re one of them.

  31. wishfulthinking says:

    To be honest with you, I think that every one can feel like that at times! I know that I do and then on other occasions, think that I look rather pretty!

    The lesson that I am (slowly) learning, is that a person who looks unattractive, but who has a super way with them, suddenly looks good!

    I knew a girl one who was extremely pretty, but had such a horrid personality, that her looks diminished quickly.

    Our next door neighbour, herself, is not very pretty, but she is confident and funny, which makes us look deeper at her.

    It is a true statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    If you still feel bad about yourself, you could try dressing in a way that makes you feel good. Also try to not focus so much on how you look; yes, easier said than done, but I am blessed because my husband insists that I am pretty, despite me seeing the evidence in photographs.

    I do hope that you can start to see a light at the end of your tunnel.

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