How do you bargain with a salesman at a car dealership?

I am going to buy a 2004 nissan micra from an autherised dealership on Saturday. The price is £4000. I have an old micra to trade in. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or advice and experience on how to bargain for the best price?


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  1. Cherrypicker says:

    That is so spooky, I bought a 2004 Nissan Micra last year, from a car dealership (great car). I think I paid about £4,000 but on car finance (bad). I think they gave me £250 for my old VW Polo but I felt ripped off. The credit for the car bumped up the price substantially and I was not happy. In the end, I borrowed enough from my credit union , to pay off the car loan and saved myself a packet. If I was you, I would offer £3,500, inc your old car and if they turn you down, walk away. You might find that they follow you and accept your offer. After all, even used car salesmen can’t be immune to the dreaded credit crunch!

  2. says:

    First, if you can, sell the car yourself. You’ll do better on the deal than trading it in. Also, watch the fine print for additional fees/charges. Some dealerships will even add on a "sellers fee" that is just basically more commission for the sellsperson.

    Also, do your research online. Find comparable cars, what they’re going for and check for the value of the car.

  3. steven e says:

    tell him the economy is on a downturn.

  4. The Sopranos' Slave says:

    Don’t let them know how much money you have to spend and mention other prices and dealerships (even if you haven’t). They will usually cave and give a lower price in order to make the sale.

  5. Rachel says:

    The most important thing is that you have to act like you aren’t that into the car. If you go in there acting like you love the car, then they know that you will pay whatever they ask. So you have to act like it doesn’t matter that much if you walk away without the car.
    Also, don’t tell them the max that you are willing to pay. The art of negotiation is that you are trying to find out the bottom price they will accept and they are trying to find out the max price you will pay. If they find out that you are willing to pay up to 3900, then guess what…they will tell you they will only accept 3900, even though they may have been willing to go down to 3500….so don’t divulge your secrets!

  6. General C says:

    work out what it’s worth via the webiste below. Then you can haggle. You start by saying yes, I like it but it’s more than I want to pay. What’s your best price – they say £3,800 or similar – you say I was thinking £3,200 and go from there……..

    You can use the site below to make sure you get the best deal on your car too, although I’d still sell it privately as you’ll get more that way.

  7. Remlik says:

    It’s been my experience that if they want your business, they will be willing to bargain with you.

    If all else fails then just mention a nearby compeditor and say they had better service or deals, and tell them "Thanks anyway but i’ll try at (other dealership)". In most cases they’ll help you out, but you have to remember to be reasonable with your offer as well.

    it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your trade in appriased first, then there is no question what you should be offered for it, but be sure to expect a little under the appriased value as the dealer has to be able to make a profit on re-selling it.

    Good Luck!

  8. a_c_7_3 says:

    Have a look at parkers and glasses web sites to get a true value of your car in its condition. The dealer will initially offer yopu less, so having some fact to bargain with will help.

    Also be prepared to walk away. The dealer will change his mind when he sees the sale walking away.

    Last iof all enjoy it – they need you more than you need them – enjoy the power and make it work for you.

  9. Paul B says:

    First you need to know the actual trade value of your car and the average retail value of the car your buying. Knowing this gives you power. Simply decide the least you will pay bottom line after you know these 2 variables. DO NOT put any money down until after the deal is agreed on. They will simply pocket any down payment money as part of the deal. Wait until you are in the finance office to present any down payment money. Closley monitor the final numbers even then.

  10. uughh says:

    I think Nissan has a web site where you can buy a car. I would recommend avoiding dealerships at all costs. they are slime.

    But if you really have to buy a car. I would recommend sh oping around for the average price. Then go to your bank and request a check for 1k under sticker. you can then walk into a dealership and say you will take that car for this check. out the door. That usually works.

    have to consider they usually mark up a car by 2-3 K.

    If you like to haggle, you can check blue book and black book prices.. print out all the stats. and then bombard the dealership with how much you are willing to pay for this car. if you are lucky they want to move stock so they won’t mind breaking even on a given car.

  11. TERRY C says:

    firstly ask him what the trade in value of your car is and then check what he offers you against the price you are likely to get elsewhere.
    he will offer you at least a grand on your car because the price of the one you are buying has alredy been hiked up to accommodate trade ins.
    If you are paying cash, offer him at least 500 quid less than the asking price before you mention trade ins and then you have got the price down before he takes your car.
    if you are paying via monthly payments, make sure that you get the right deal with whichever finance company he is using. you do not have to accept the first offer of finance and if he wants to sell the car to you, he will shop around and get you the best deal. It won’t affect him as he will get his money straight away but it may well affect you if you end up paying over the odds for years, on a car that loses value as you keep paying top whack.
    hope some of this has been helpful

  12. Cody says:

    You cant bargain with those people, i call it the stealership especially when it comes to dealerthip service departments!

  13. ladiesman217 says:

    Never settle on the first OR second offer. Lie about other dealerships giving you a better price.

  14. colin says:

    At the moment its a buyers market and shop around for prices for the same car from all over the UK then you have starting points OK there is lots of very good deals on at the moment because sales are poor .

    to be honest best time to buy is at almost end of month so they want sale to get monthly commission .

    Hope this helps

  15. iltmaemc says:

    don’t pay the tax. tell them , you want the sale, you pay the tax.
    there is no law that says the consumer has to pay the tax. anyone can pay the tax. the dealer can pay the tax.
    but only do that at the very end. once the deal is just about done.

    Also buy at the end of the month, when they really need to make sales quotas for the month. still better . wait until the end of the quarter. like end of June. go to the dealer on June 27th in the afternoon.
    then also ask the for 100 free gallons of petrol

  16. fencepro says:

    Roll the window down a little and get the saleperson to pul there hand in the opening….then roll the window up…apply presure until you hear the price you want.

    Saves alot of time.

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