How Do You Buy Property That Isn’t For Sale?

A friend of mine recently sold his business, which took some time to sell. When the sale proceeded back in 2010 he began looking at property and found an estate for sale in Kent for £3.5m. He registered his interests and became friendly with the owners, though when his business sale stalled, the buyers understandably accepted an offer from a different buyer in 2012. With his business sale settled, my friend is now desperate to own this estate (especially since discovering ancestral links to the house). He thought there might be a buying agent specialising in this sort of thing, but a cursory web search has returned nothing and he – and I – are not quite sure where to go next.
With the value of the property in mind, and his willingness to go up to £5m (yeah, he’s that desperate!) he is understandably anxious and unsure how to proceed. I’m not a property buff but I’m rather interested to see how this goes. Is there any advice from somebody in the know on how he might buy this estate that is not for sale?

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3 Responses to “How Do You Buy Property That Isn’t For Sale?”

  1. Cory says:

    Well, he can make an offer, but unless the current owners are willing to sell the estate there is nothing he can do. If he offered the owners significantly more than the worth of the estate, they might be willing to sell…however, there is no guarantee. Chances are your friend will have to find another place to buy.

  2. Kernow Lady says:

    He could write to the owners and make an offer. He should expect to be refused as they would have settled in.

  3. Pascal the Gambler says:

    Find the owner, make an offer. It would likely have to be significantly above the actual value.

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