how do you change whether a solenoid is push or pull?

im thinking of buying this solenoid:, but i was wondering how do you change the ‘direction’ of the solenoid. i need it to be pull for a safe i’m making by the way! thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “how do you change whether a solenoid is push or pull?”

  1. RoeB says:

    If it is a dc coil you would only have to reverse the polarity of the voltage. I notice that this is a dc coil so you should have no problem. To make it push and pull you would run one switch to it the polarity you would want the another switch to reverse polarity.

  2. Joe Barns says:

    It depends on which end you connect to. One is pushing while the other is pulling. You can’t change the direction it travels.

    Switching the polarity will not reverse the direction.

  3. donnyv says:

    buy it and fix it , to much drama

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