How do you combine postage on

I am relatively new as a seller on’s seller central. I have recently sold several books to one person and was wondering how I can combine the postage of these items. Also, when do you get the opportunity to do so? The next stage is to confirm they have been dispatched and there is no option to combine postage. Is it even possible to do through amazon?

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  1. peter s says:

    No you can’t if as I presume your a marketplace seller. The buyer is happy to pay the postage for 2 or more separate books so keep the postage and be happy because presumably you have made a profit and that is why you are selling books on there, just make sure they are well padded if you are putting them both in the same packaging.

    If you are desperate to give the buyer some money back you can give a partial refund once you have confirmed dispatch although amazon prefer you not to do this unless absolutely necessary.

  2. JOYCE says:

    Sorry! i dont have the answer but what is it that you sell on there other then book ?

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