How Do You Complain Enough To Get What You Want?

I always hear about situations where if you complain enough about bad service or wrong service then you can get free stuff….ie: complain about a wrong order and they comp your entire meal. Or the phone provider told me if I complain enough to my cell service provider, they usually will give me a discount on my next bill. (Cuz they have been over charging me for a few months for a texting that should already be included on my original plan). But no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get anything!
Granted, my friends have told me I’m a push over. Anything anyone asks from me I do. I can’t seem to say no and I’m generally an optimistic smily kind of person.
How do I get past that and get what I know I deserve?

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4 Responses to “How Do You Complain Enough To Get What You Want?”

  1. That Curious Bi says:

    stop saying yes, its the only way. if u say yes to everyone they don’t really think about wat u want and u don’t make real friends

  2. Knight Of Winter says:

    You ask them politely and tell them you are sick of being ripped off!

  3. . says:

    I learned how to do it by being the person it was being done to, working in retail.
    NEVER curse when doing this. That is the fastest way to NOT get what you want. Also dont yell, try to keep an even temperament as much as possible.
    Then, you start exaggerating every tiny complaint possible (there has to be a real complaint, but exaggerate it, though, be careful HOW much exaggeration you put in to it, can they prove that its not as big of a deal as you say it is??)… Sometimes its better to start with your main complaint and then sprinkle in the others, sometimes its best to hit them all at once, it depends on the situation.
    When that person wont do what you want, you ask for their manager. When they dont do what you want, you ask for their manager. You start making comments about how you will never do business with them again, you are going to tell everyone you know, write reviews on several review sites, and make sure everyone who mentions your name to me hear’s my story.
    To take your example dining out.. you had to wait 15 mins to be seated even though there were open seats, you had to wait to even get your drinks in, drinks got to the table wrong, blah blah blah lots of little issues that are annoying, but you have fun complaining and thats the end of it. THEN, your steak is over cooked, have to make another one. The rest of the table felt bad eating, so they waited on your food. Steak still isnt right, rest of the food is cold, blah blah blah… Many people would simply muddle through and not leave a tip. However, what you can actually do is be all like, look, were really unhappy about this meal. We had to wait on everything, the food didnt come out right, when it did it still wasnt good, their food got cold waiting, im quite unhappy. They will offer to comp you your plate or 20% or something, but no, thats not good enough. This meal was crap, want to talk to your manager, and so it continues… Then, in a place like that, everyone else can hear whats going on, which looks bad, So, the manager comps the meal and gives coupons for the next visit.
    I have gotten discounts and charges off my phone all the time. We bought new phones (and signed new contracts) this past summer. We never changed our plans, but technically they did change from iphone to android plans, but both were the exact same prices, and we are grandfathered in to the “unlimited” plans. So, everything *should* have equaled out. Yet we ended up with 100$ in proration charges. We also got charged activation fees. I have been with att for 8 years, get a new phone every two, for a while even had two lines. The ONLY time I have had to pay an activation fee was when I first started the account.
    So I called. They will do everything they can to dismiss your problem, its not a problem, thats the way its supposed to be – they are trained to talk you into not only accepting your problem, but if possible to convince you to find your problem to actually be a value to the product/service. So, you have to be on your feet to spot that. There was no problem with my bill, you were prorated because you changed in the middle of your billing cycle. But nothing changed. Yes, you went from apple to android, they are listed as separate plans. Yes, but they are both unlimited, and they are both the same price, we did not go over the “user average” per their fair use contract, why am I ending up paying 2.5 times the cost of the plan in proration? And for an hour she kept saying thats not a problem, thats the way its supposed to be, it makes sense.
    You keep asking for higher managers, you NEVER accept that its not a problem, you mention how poor this customer service is, your telling everyone you know. Numbers work good too…. I just spent 800$ in your store on my phones and a couple of over priced accessories, and NOW you want to throw in another 250$ on top of that?? I have been a loyal customer for 8 years, but if this isnt taken care of, I am more than happy to return our phones and over priced accessories, and go spend MORE money with verizon, as honestly, they have better reception here than att anyways.
    THAT was when they finally took the fees off, and gave me a 20% discount off that month.

  4. chrissy says:

    This is a long thing to explain, cont from above..
    But you cant always threaten to return the item. I just bought new living room furniture, ordered it 3 weeks ago, scheduled delivery for today… Wed I find out it was never scheduled, this that and the other. I was on the phone for hours about this. But threatening to return the purchase and go somewhere else would have been inefffective – the reason it took 3 weeks to order is because they cant keep it in stock, and already have another back order for this – returning the furniture would have benefited them.
    And they did the same thing, for whatever reason, no mistake was ever made, i dont have a problem, my only problem is I cant get things done the way i want them. i was supposedly talking to the highest manager. I wasnt, and they must have passed on my comments about making sure I tell all of my friends in the area and I was going to post on the local review forms (local company), because an hour later I got a call that there was for today, and i was already scheduled in that spot. – yeah right, ive worked in retail enough to know they either bumped someone else or squeezed me into what was already scheduled. I mean, its possible someone canceled, but how likely??
    When getting a promise of a free meal or free item on next purchase, get it in writing. Fast food places are nutorious for never writing that down, intentionally or not, or not being able to find it, and they wont replace it.
    When you call someone to complain, make sure you know what you are talking about. Know EXACTLY where those charges are coming from – what do you mean they are charging you for texting that should be on the next bill?? How do you know? Can you prove it? Do you know how cell bills work? The bill you pay this month is doing 2 things – keeping your service connected for the following month, and charging for the use of the previous month. Make sure you know the dates of your billing cycle, all that jazz. So, when they counter with why this is not a problem, you know exactly how to respond about why its a problem.
    Honestly, a lot of this comes from experience. Also, PLEASE be very careful how where and when you use those techniques. While you are getting a free meal or a discount on your bill, the employee is getting reprimanded for screwing up
    For example, one place i worked had a specific lunch time that they shut down for. We were getting yelled at for working through lunch as was threatened with getting wrote up if we did. Im clocking out, lady walks in. I told her we were closed, she threw a fit threatening go tell so and so store manager. (we were a separate store inside a host store), so I did it. She complained the whole time, the session was miserable, she left having paid for her package, but not officially picked out her pictures. This happens at times, no big deal. But she never returned to pick them up, and when her pictures werent there, she did that to me, got her pics free plus another free package. I got verbally reprimanded for missing lunch that day, and the launched a complaint with my district manager in order to get her stuff free. I lost hours on my schedule. A customer came in who had just been at another studio. I ask them questions about how they would like this session to be different, what they didnt like that we could do better… After 20 minutes of unsuccesfully being able to control her kids, (note I had 15 minutes to do an entire session, and people waiting) I had suggested that her kids may be too tired to do a second shoot back to back, would you like to take them to play place for a few to chill out, and come back later? ..She launched a complaint with not only my dm, but the dm of the host store, because it was none of my business, and how dare I suggest her kids are misbehaved. I was written up, it factored into not being given a promotion, and she got 200$ worth of free merchandise.
    One of the times my aunt got an entire family meal comped, she also got the waitress fired, even though that was probably over kill for the problems we had. So, keep in mind that every time you do something like that, the person on the other end is getting a raw deal.
    So, the road goes both ways….

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