How do you deal with a maniac at the Poker table?

I’ve been playing Poker (mainly Hold ’em) for about a year now and I’ve started making a nice regular profit on the online tables.
I can pretty much cope with anything whilst playing, although there are a couple of areas in which I can’t seem to crack or even come close to coming up with a viable solution;
1. Dealng with Maniacs: I have no idea how to deal with someone who will keep raising pre-flop all the time, especially in a tournament when there are only a few players left. If you keep on folding until something big comes out, you’ve lost too much on the blinds. If you call them or re-raise them, they always seem to be holding something better.
2. Going on tilt: This has always been a problem of mine. A few weeks back I was dealt A10, flopped 10 10 Q (raised), turn A (re-raised) river 7 (raised all in). I lost to four Aces (about £40 on one hand!). I got so angry I started playing like an idiot and lost a further £25 in two hands. How do yuo stop yourself getting angry when…
.. you get screwed and start playing silly hands?

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8 Responses to “How do you deal with a maniac at the Poker table?”

  1. Murph says:

    2nd question first … you will need to learn to develop a more analytical approach to your play. Do you know what the odds are for beating that FH with a 4oak, compared to your chances of winning that hand? You need to determine when you have made the correct play OR when you have made an error in deciding your chances or wager amounts. Play 30K – 50K more hands and you will certainly learn to anaylize your play better and put your situations into a better perspective, win or lose.

    Dealing with an agressive bettor in an online game can be a tricky situation. You cannot be certain that the tables you play on will distribute the cards randomly according to their true odds. In general, you will have to meet an agressive bettor with agression. Then hope your luck holds out.

    It really sounds to me that you just need to play more hands to develop your game. You are at a level where you’ll need a better understanding of the odds on the hands as they play out. There are several good books on the subject.

  2. Bob The Builder says:

    Shoot him..

  3. EJ says:

    Discreetly kick them in the balls under the table. Make sure you have pointly shoes on when you do this…

  4. argripton says:

    Be the first with the maniac moves – but be prepared to go all the way.

  5. afraid2sayf says:

    I have been studying body language, and saw that
    1. You have to wear dark sun glasses
    2. You have to stare him at the fore head, making him feel unsafe.

  6. intelliracer says:

    Someimes you just have to raise with nothing and continue to raise the whole hand. If you get re-raised however, it’s a good chance you are beat by the maniac. If you have a bad-beat. Sit out for a few hands. Reset you rmind and realize that you don’t have to call a huge raise before the flop with medium hands like KJ, Q10 if you don’t wan’t to. When you are down, slow your play down. When you are up, bet more. Hope this helps.

  7. suzanne R says:

    Expand your parameters as to what is big, any two paint any touching suited etc

  8. Derwood H. Stevens says:

    Play the cards you are dealt. If they are good…call to the flop…then reassess. It’s often best to sit on a good hand against a maniac…or to make a tiny bet as if you are bluffing or have a weak hand. Often they will raise you or go all in.

    Don’t be afraid to bluff to throw them off track too…if they come over the top, just fold…but when you get those pocket A’s or a similar good hand later in the game and have folded a few bluffs to their aggression you will have em dead to rights.

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