How do you deal with a negative person?

I know there are happy people and sad people in the world, but how do you deal with someone who is very negative about everything. They are moody, depressed, a drama queen and not fun to be around, but you have to be around them a lot. It’s already been discussed that they are negative etc, but they are unwilling to make any effort. Is ignoring the best option? How do you ignore something that you’re around so often?

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  1. says:

    Walk away from them and leave them too it. It is not your responsibility to be around someone like that. your responsibility is to yourself and self happiness. If you hang around someone like that, you will eventually end up like that…..crap i know but very true escape while you can and don’t feel bad about it.
    Or you could tell them that there are people in this world that don’t even have what they have and should be grateful for what they have been given if at that point they don’t listen slap em and tell them not to be so self absorbed and selfish.

  2. emdog says:

    walk a way or ignor them work for me u give it a try

  3. Helena says:

    Just agree with everything they say. "Yes, it is pretty awful isnt it" etc. They’ll soon shut up

  4. Ash F says:

    i turn off when i’m with a negative person

  5. jasonga says:

    Let it slide and ignore them. But why do you have to be around them. Are you kidnapped, you have choices, you can remove yourself at anytime. If you choose not to, than you are the one putting up with it.

  6. bumumble mad cross misereble says:

    IM NOT TO SURE ,tryna work this one out for my self, but make sure they dont turn who in to a negative person, becasue sometimes that can happen

  7. swifft20005 says:

    maintain a neutral attitude with them when they don’t receive feed back from you they will rain on someone else’s party

  8. Beanbag says:

    Ignoring them really isn’t the best option, although it probably seems the only opion if they do not respond to your support.

    Just carry on trying to encourage them and be there when they need somebody.

    Above all, you must remain positive.

  9. DimBlonde says:

    Just keep saying "No," to them all the time. Eventually they will get so pi..ed off that they will get the hint

  10. Ponyboy99 says:

    Kill ’em with kindness.

  11. Danielle says:

    This will just make them think that they are right, and that they should continue to do what they are doing.
    Instead, become a very positive person.
    This might open the other persons eyes.

  12. Chiba Hanako says:

    If you want to help them, you have to adjust for them a little while, then try to convince her about being "not really so negative". Maybe they have reasons why they are like that. Try to be on the person’s shoes.

    If it’s all too negative that you cannot handle, then I suggest, ignore that person, if you know that you can live without that person (I am assuming he/she’s your friend or relative? Or boyfriend? – that’ll be another problem and a somewhat major one), then just ignore him or her.

    To ignore him or her, simply go to your other friends and just.. well, ignore him or her.

  13. adsl_uk2000 says:

    it may sound harsh, but i would be tempted to say to them, if you haven’t got anything positive to say to me, don’t say anything at all, cause im not interested in your constant negativity

  14. randometrip says:

    ignore then all they do is bring you down don’t associate with them it is not worth it

  15. nitty b says:

    You only can control what YOU do, so ask yourself if there is anything you are doing to encourage the negativity- what I mean is, do they benefit from the reaction you give them? Do not reward their negativity.

  16. Pchzncrm says:

    Tell them wat there doingg.. jus tell yur noy fun to be around, yur jus all mad and stuff, yur not the person u use to be… stuff like that… Or jus leave them alone for a while and tell them why u are leaving them and theyll reallize what they are doin…. i hoped i helped

  17. killab33z says:

    thats a tough one.. i deal with someone who is negative, but not ALL THE TIME, 24/7. if i were you, i would probably tell them that their behaviour is affecting everyone around them, and if they continue to act this way then sooner or later people wont want to be around them. Tell them to just look at the bright side of things, and fake being positive if they need to. Sometimes, faking something will eventually lead to doing it without thinking.

  18. Colleen ♥ says:

    Well, you just don’t hang around with them. Or you could try to cheer them up by pointing out something good for every negative comment they make.

  19. tannamoad says:

    I live with a very know it all and negative and dramatized every day about everything. Or he just sits in his room and ignores the daily routine of our lives. I am very tired of it and am getting ready to divorce him. We have too much at stake(my little girl and I) to have to deal with this too. I can not always be worring about his feelings every second.

  20. phate says:

    try being honest and sincere with them, The negative feelings are usually caused by something that happened and you might be the one she can open up to and see the lighter side of life. Dont judge them if you do not know what happened in their life that could have caused this.

    oh and be wary because at first she will VERY negative to you because obviously she has trust issues. Show her that she can trust you and help someone

  21. kev l says:

    wish i knew only thing i can suggest is live with it as only they can change themselves

  22. owiginalwabbit says:

    Just admit the pointlessness and futility of it all

  23. EXPENDABLE says:

    One idea would be to have him/her watch a movie called "The Secret".
    It explains exactly what negative thought is and how it effects our everyday lives. They may wake up and realize that the thoughts and attitudes he/she puts out directly effects their success or lack thereof.

  24. bin there dun that says:

    Tell them they are bringing you down and you don’t like how it feels. Ask them straight out to stop expressing themselves in a negative way, or you will have to walk away for your mental health. And then do it. They are contiuing to do it because you remain a captive audience.

  25. freckleface says:

    Be sympathetic, let them talk (moan), leave a little time, then suggest something nice to do with you. If they decline dont push just go yourself.

  26. DEB123 says:

    Tickle them

  27. QueenKoopa says:

    I am usually unwilling to make an effort to know them.

  28. BabeHeart says:

    If I cannot avoid being around them, I’ll say something about their gloom n’ doom attitude…if it keeps up, I simply ignore them. I’m not going to get sucked into someone else’s black hole of despair. This life is too short for that…

  29. treacadelic says:


  30. jeremeae says:

    Be kind to them… it may change them.. Being negative back will only fuel the fire… Remember Romans 12:17 "Return evil for evil to no one. Provide fine things in the sight of all men."

  31. cwstuffff says:

    I am dealing with that issue right now. I am hosting a house guest who was a friend of my parents, and he is now 80 and miserably unhappy. Cries constantly. Keeps saying "This isn’t like it used to be" and "I just want to go home."
    I am trying to be patient, so I keep saying "Im so sorry you’re having such a miserable time here." and "I’m sure you’ll be happier once you get home." I keep hoping that these remarks will wake him up to the fact that he’s miserable by choice, but my remarks fall on deaf ears.
    If you keep repeating the same line over and over, sooner or later they’ll get the point. "I’m so sorry you feel that way." is a good one. Most importantly, use your friend’s negativity as a reminder that you’re a happy person. Don’t be weighted down by a drag on your good cheer.

  32. Dude of hazard says:


  33. Tobysons mum says:

    I no exactly how you feel, I live with my dad and he just refuses to see a bright side to any thing.
    I just try to talk about the good things in my live so he doesn’t bring me down to!

  34. mad cat says:

    try changeing subjets to positive things or things of interest to the person -likes in food likes in movies likes in dressing likes in tv show’s likes in color’s ect see if that helps the negative some time hurts take time to get over the negative do not seem to know they only are focased on how they hurt or a missing of a loved one things take time to get over

  35. Xx~lovely~xX says:

    you dont have to ignore them, you just have to let your personality shine more than theirs, soon enough, they’ll learn from you and try to emulate it, you shouldnt ignore them as it will add to their negativity, just make sure your’e content with yourself, sometimes we project our own emotions to others, try not to be negative towards the person,,,, just be happy, when she sees the light she’ll follow you

  36. Janet says:

    I have to deal with this also.When you they are targeting your time.get busy or preoccupied.Be the first to say BRB when they are in deep thought and do this several different times.They will be exhausted from explaining then being cut off from someone having to end the conversation abruptly.Grab a book or look far out in the distance and see as far as you can and seem so interested in looking ahead into the world.Don’t ever seem to sypathize with them they will have you where they want you so they can actually see their weight being put on you.Take every thing they say very lightly and tell them anytime they need to talk give you a call then either never answer or answer then as i said before as soon as they draw a picture of a negative situation say darn i have to go do this.Eventually they will move on.Or You may have to sit and draw pictures of smily faces for them! LOL

  37. muslimah says:

    Point out the positive things that they have in life, such as health, a roof over their head.
    Point out that their are worse off people than themselves and eventually they should come round.

  38. emeraldreen says:

    personally, i do know people like what you’ve described. for me, i normally try my best to encourage them and talk fun stuff with them, i think it will change their personality at least by a bit, if you keep ignoring them, they may even turn more negative and sad. However, if no matter how hard you try and they still don’t wanna make any effort to socialise, i think it is really their choice to stay so gloomy. Then you can find new and more entertaining people to talk to and ignore them, since you’ve done your part but they simply ignore it.

  39. ♫ Mad Luv ♫ says:

    Well if you can avoid them but i understand that can’t be done all the time!
    try to stay up beat as much as possilbe
    try closing your eyes helps get a clean prospective (long blinks work too)

    Just so i don;t restate there is the link !
    Best of luck!
    I like the breathing and keeping the converstation postitive by using postitive words!

  40. A.Sam says:

    ignoring a person who you are going to be around a long time is not going to be a good decition. Negativity in a person can be changed unless that person is so negative to even beleive that there is positiveness in them…

    what i would do is I wont ignore them…if you feel that you can change that personality of theirs then you can, do not have a negative feeling inside you…but if you’ve wasted enough time, then the way to go is your own way…..never suggest anything new, just tell them the idea and don’t ask for their opinions, because they can make you feel bad, just think on your own and blend in with more positive characters.

  41. kagulya mewy says:

    try just talking to them and ask "why are they so negative?". them might give u a plan answer like,"i don’t know" or "because that’s the way i am". what ever the reason try to talk to them and inspire them to be more positive. tell them that "life is to short be in a bad mood" or something like that. but they might talk back but keep inspiering them to be positive. eventuly the’ll come around. and if the ask why u ar doing it. Just say u cair about them

  42. angie11 says:

    Firstly they need to seek medical help and if their not willing to leave home a doctor will have to be called out to them as they may be clinically depressed. If you have to be around them suggest when they talk the smallest postive thing that happens to them as if everything seems to be going wrong the smallest step in a positive direction will help even though your friend may think there is no point encourage them with like they won a game, got an answer right or just look great that day (if it’s true of course). Maybe suggest going out and doing something that will take their mind off of the negativity as that is the thing stopping them from getting out of this rut. If you stay positive, hopefully some of it will rub off on your friend but they may also need medical help to get them started. But, if the main problem is they’re a drama queen and need constant attention ignore them as they’re no fun. Good luck.

  43. majid h says:

    I thinck negative person can depress you when they speak , but you can use this person to success in your occupation . You discover your plan’s problem and solve your puzzle .It is a good advantage that you have this person beside yourself . You must be deaf with some of this speach ( word ) and go with a strong determination .

  44. The Pig Burple One says:

    My mum is just like that. I’m her carer so I’m with her most of the time, and her negativity about everything is very annoying. It’s difficult to ignore her attitude, and sometimes I could just scream at her. But she’ll never change so I’ll just have to put up with it!

  45. elizabeth j says:

    no matter how they respond, always come back positively. always try to have a bright outlook and love always. our father will reward us for our kindness and if you can touch one person’s life in a positive way then you are being a human being.
    always let your love shine for you.
    God will light the way and show you what you need to do in order to touch this person’s heart in a healing way. trust in him and all will work out.
    blessings and love,

  46. John K says:

    Above all, stay positive, we can’t all be naturally happy, and being cynical and pessimistic may work for this person, even if it does make them no fun to be around. If you’re encouraging, maybe some of your optimism will eventually rub off on them.

  47. l0_ha_l0_ha says:

    Let him/her alone for a while…., stay away a bit then show him/her again how happy life still can be.

    If he/she is still being an unhappy person, I will go away.

    I can’t let such person to ruin my day / month / year… on and on.

    I’m a happy person. I like to make myself happy.

  48. soraya25 says:

    Well, negative people have a tendency of liking to hear their own voices, so the best thing to do while their going own about how awful the world is, just don’t comment on anything their are saying and that person will soon get the message and shut up.

  49. arielena_123 says:

    I agree with Danielle…killing with kindness is good. If you can’t ignore the person, get out of the situation…even if it means you have to make a few minor sacrifices. Don’t always agree with everything they say because they will always think they are right. I recently ran into this situation with someone, who rained on my parade but hypocritically, she didn’t like it if I rained on her parade. I killed her with so much kindness…I think I did some serious damage. She deserved it.

  50. God says:

    One word here ‘perspective’ people are entitled to their own opinions, they aren’t entitled to force their views on others and you must respect her as a valid human being.

    To hurt someone we have to de-humanise them first, what does she have that makes you so inwardly insecure?

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